About Bronco's

History of Bronco’s

The first Bronco’s family restaurant was opened at 30th & Fort Streets in 1959 by “Bronco Billy” Barnes. It was Omaha’s first locally owned and operated fast-food restaurant at a time when “fast-food” was an entirely new concept. Business was good, and the first restaurant was followed about 3 years later by the 45th and Leavenworth location. In 1967, the restaurant at 72nd & Pacific was opened, and the restaurant at 120th & Pacific was opened in 1974.

Omaha is the only place on earth to get a Big Bronco Burger, and Bronco’s is still the only non-franchise fast food outlet in Omaha that is locally owned and operated. In spite of all the high-tech advances in fast-food preparation, Bronco’s still makes our own french fries daily from fresh, whole potatoes. We use only fresh — not frozen — 100% ground beef, and we cut and bread our pork tenderloins fresh daily, as well as preparing our own chicken. We’ve been doing so for over 50 years! And we’ll keep doing it as long as our loyal friends in Omaha keep coming in for an inexpensive, quick, hot and fresh meal!

“Bronco’s Self-service drive-in is a local legacy! It’s fast and cheap won’t make you pay for convenience with poor food quality.”

-Lindsey Mallory

Customer Testimonials

“Good regular burgers and fries. Fun People Watching”

This is for the Bronco’s near 40th and Leavenworth. Good basic burger fast food with excellent fries. Had 45 minutes before another engagement and wanted to retry Bronco’s. Live in other side of town and just sat reading for 30+ minutes. Tasty food and good service.

~ Mark G. Omaha, Nebraska
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“BEST Pork Tenderloin sandwich!”

Relaxed atmosphere! family friendly, prices very reasonable. Great burgers, fries are outstanding but they have the BEST pork tenderloins around!

~ Jan S. Tampa, Florida
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“STILL the fast food Nirvana of the Big O!”

One skill I need to work on, as a recently “retired” person, is my hang- dog, poor, poor pitiful me look. I remember when I was still a gainfully employed trucking “exec” and these old guys would show up, look pitiful, retired and broke, and I’d buy their damn lunch! Why couldn’t this work for me????

I must need some work, but thank God for Bronco’s!!!! I ended up on my own dime at this fast food classic and it was STILL the fast food Nirvana of the Big O!!!!!!! Big Bronco, more fresh cut real french fries, and a soda (Pepsi?????BS Bring back COKE) and I was right back in 1976! This location on Leavenworth has been there since Rosenblatt was mayor, I think, and it still gets it absolutely right!!!!

~ Dan C. – Sidney, IA
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“Bronco’s has the #1 fast food fries in town!”

Bronco’s has been in this location for as long as I remember.  I grew up just a mile from here.  It is an iconic old school fast food drive through.   There are 4 tables inside if you wish to dine.   If you come during lunch prepare you may not have a spot.  If the weather is nicer there are outside picnic tables you can sit at.


~ Marc D. – Omaha
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